Paddington Station is located in the northwest part of Central London, about 1 km from Oxford St. and just north of Hyde Park. For the visitor who is flying into London via Heathrow, the Paddington Station Train is significant as the central London Terminus which is part of the Heathrow Connect and the Paddington Heathrow Express train services. A train provides the speediest and most comfortable transfer into London. A Paddington Station train also provides the primary connecting services from London to Southwest England and South Wales to places like Swansea, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, and Cardiff. The station also provides services to Oxford, Bath, and Windsor.

There are three London Underground trains that run through Paddington, including the Circle Line which connects with other London primary rail stations such as Victoria, Marylebone, Liverpool, St. King’s Cross, and Euston.

The Underground stations in the Paddington hotel district are Lancaster Gate and Paddington, both of which are within a 5 minute walk of each other.

There are the usual kiosks and shops one would normally would associate with a major train station, including numerous outlets that offer most food snacks from pastries, pizzas, baguettes, and even a Burger King to restaurants and bars. There is also a branch of Boots chemists and of course a choice of money exchange facilities and newsagents. A small supermarket is also available together with public restroom facilities (which are available for a small fee)

Should you care to visit outside the station, you will find the main road of Praed St. which has many of the same outlets as in Paddington Station but with more competition. Therefore, you may find prices slightly lower than inside the station. There is also a small Budgen’s supermarket on the opposite side of the road from the station. There are manned ticket offices that have tickets for sale for all of the train services from Paddington Railway Station. The ticket offices take all major debit and credit cards

For some of the longer distance services it is usually much cheaper to purchase tickets in advance. Advance tickets be bought from various websites on the Internet, but you have to collect the tickets from a machine. These collection machines are only located at the main railway stations in the UK and there is not one at Heathrow Airport. The Underground Station has a separate ticketing facility and is beneath the railway station.

The easiest transfer from Heathrow is to catch a Paddington Station train such as the Heathrow Express. Paddington Station has a dedicated kiosk in the station concourse. Since there are usually lines at the ticket booths, it will save you a few minutes and be slightly cheaper to purchase your tickets online in advance.